About Orion Educational Society

Nitin Agarwal


Nitin Agarwal, President and figurehead of Orion Educational Society. His strategic vision with the ability to execute and demonstrate leadership presence is magnificent. The impeccable judgment and ability to make sound decisions in a fast-paced, dynamic setting environment in Sustainable Livelihood gives leverage to the Social Development Sector. He has a professional degree in B.Tech ensuring that his work towards creating a greater impact by enhancing processes and improving service quality. His passion in executive-level skills and ability to handle high-level client interactions builds long term, trusting relationships in Social Development Sector. His focus on guiding principles of enhancing programme quality, coupled with strengthening, monitoring and review were able to deliver result-based programming, as well as building on partnerships through meaningful collaborations. His expertise and knowledge coupled with improved human capital have been powerful drivers of positive change in the performance and evolution of Orion Educational Society impact fully.

Niladri Banerjee, Secretary of Orion Educational Society had joined for Social Concern and Operation with special focus on supporting Human Capacity Development for Pan India, to improving livelihoods of rural poor in developing areas through training in Sustainable Livelihood and Entrepreneurship. The belief of transforming the lives of youth and equipping the last person in the remotest part of the country with the skills motivates him to be part of Orion Educational Society. His zeal to experience novel things motivates him to do something better and transforms more lives. He has a professional degree in Social Work and has been actively involved in the Social Development Sector for almost two decades. His sharp acumen in matters of project expansion & operations and ability to bring innovation and latest updates in the systems is contributing to the new developments at Orion Educational Society, as it steps into a new phase of redefining and revamping its workings, under his strong leadership. He has proved efficient and effective managerial skills by working on action plans and budgets, supervising, monitoring, and evaluating. He has been associated with Orion Educational Society from its inception and has contributed immensely to its growth and development.

Niladri Banerjee