Self-Employment is a fundamental component of mass empowerment. At Orion Educational Society, we teach future micro-entrepreneurs a range of skills. Apart from domain training, we also impart soft skills and important ‘know-how’ like

  • • Setting up a shop
  • • Decorating a shop
  • • Networking
  • • Availing loan facilities
  • • Sourcing affordable machines

Success story of Tejas Chowdhari

Born in a small village in Raigad district of Maharashtra, Tejas dropped out of school soon after completing his 12th. Pressing financial needs and supporting his family members surpassed Tejas’s ambition to pursue higher education. At such a bare stage, he came across Orion Educational Society. With the help of experienced counsellors, he was guided towards a brighter future. He attended the counselling sessions at one of the centers where his interest and skill were assessed, and Tejas was offered an opportunity to pursue the sales associate course of the retail sector. Willingly and with utmost dedication, he completed the course well within the stipulated time. Tejas is now an established entrepreneur and owns a mobile repairing shop in his village. His entrepreneurial initiative boosts up other youths of his village who want to shape their career. With a comfortable earning of ten to twelve thousand per month, Tejas is the breadwinner of his family. Lastly, Tejas has expressed his gratitude and lauded the efforts of Orion Educational Society for reshaping his future.

Business Details : -
  • Company Name: Om Sai Mobile Shop
  • Designation: Director/Owner
  • Salary: 10000/-
  • State: Maharashtra
  • Village: Raigad

Success story of Nasima Ansari

A mother and a housewife, Nasima always aspired to make it big in life. But her conservative background never allowed her to explore many opportunities in life. Nasima was married off at a very early age and was bound by duties at home. She soon had a child and life got her busy in executing her responsibilities as a mother. After her child started going to school, Nasima felt a void and wanted to follow her dream which she had left behind. She attended the counselling session organised by Orion Educational Society and enrolled herself for the beautician course. According to her teachers, Nasima was a hard worker and quickly picked up theoretical as well as practical lessons. During her training, she learnt various aspects of the course and enhanced her soft skills as well. Nasima’s teacher saw a future entrepreneur in her and gave her hands-on-training on how to start her own shop. Today her store is a favourite corner of the women in her locality, and with that, her business is flourishing.

Success story of Vipin Vijay Kawre

Vipin started off his journey as a clueless lad who just got out of school. Out of his desperation for earning a living for his family, he started working in the hazardous sector. Vipin worked almost 12 hours a day for minimum wage. Few months into the job, Vipin started having health issues and soon had to quit.

On the brink of failure, he attended the mobilisation camp conducted by Orion Educational Society which opened new avenues and served a plethora of career opportunities. After attending the camp, he underwent a one-on-one counselling session with experienced career counsellors who helped him make the right career choice. He took up the Customer Care Executive course and completed it within the stipulated time. With the skill he gained during his training, he took up the dealership of Vodafone Store in his locality. Now, Vipin earns a lakh per month with which he is supporting his further education and family.


The core objective of Orion Educational Society is empowering skills for employment. We provide training in a range of skill sectors that helps youth acquire placements across diverse industries.

Success Story of Megha P. Mirase

Like the 47 million youth who drop out of school in India, Megha too was a victim of this vicious cycle. Hailing from Nagpur, Megha had dreamt of becoming the next Olympic gold medallist from India. But succumbing to poor financial conditions at home, she couldn’t continue her education beyond the 12th standard and started looking for a job. At this juncture, Megha was approached by the Orion Educational Society mobilisation team. She underwent rigorous and systematic counselling and took up the course on F&B Services. According to Megha, the counsellors were very supportive and helped her take an informed career decision. Moreover, the training was free of cost and she got placement assistance too. Soon after the completion of her course Megha was recruited by a premium F&B Company, Café Coffee Day as a steward and was offered an annual package of 90,000 INR. This proved to be a turning point in her life. Megha now supports her family and dreams to become an eminent sports personality.

Success Story of Malti L. Uike

Happy go, lucky girl, Malti wanted a job where she could put a smile on everyone’s face. Her wish was granted when she was approached by the counsellors from Orion Educational Society who offered her a free skill training course in the F&B sector. College graduate Malti had always wanted to work in the hospitality sector. The counsellors guided her to make the right choice that not only allowed her to drive her career aspirations but also enabled her to support her family.

After completing the training, Malti was placed as an F&B Steward at Kanha’s Palm Spring Hotel in Bhopal. She was offered an annual package of 72,000 INR and an assured increment after six months’ probation. This helped her to sponsor her sister’s education. The training has also enhanced her soft skills, grooming and overall on-the-job etiquette.

Success Story of Tushar P. Talmale

Being a son of a daily wage labourer, Tushar was not unfamiliar with poverty. Financial constraints pushed him to drop-out of formal education and look for employment opportunities. However, low educational qualifications plus the lack of prior work experience posed a challenge for him to get a job. He was informed by a friend about Orion Educational Society’s skill training course. After attending the initial counselling, he was convinced that skill training is an important step to get a stable and well-paying job. Soon after the counselling, he took up a course on F&B steward training completely free of cost.

A perfect blend of theoretical knowledge, guest lectures, industrial visits, soft skills, life skills, financial and digital literacy made Tushar industry-ready. He was placed at Panino as a team member and currently earns INR 7000 per month. He is also provided with accommodation and on-duty meal.

Tushar is now considered as a role model in his village and he feels a sense of personal accomplishment when other youths from his village get motivated looking at his professional growth and progress.