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Self Employment
Self Employment

Self Employment- a major career option

The best way to create career opportunities is through self-employment. Through financial assistance and training, the government and numerous agencies are actively supporting marginalized people’s business endeavours and nurturing the growth of their entrepreneurial abilities and skills. Self-employment has grown significantly in importance as a result of rising unemployment and a lack of suitable employment possibilities.
Our Approach to Self Employment
We at Orion Educational Society believe that a key element of mass empowerment is self-employment. Therefore, we strive hard to impart a variety of skills to aspiring microentrepreneurs.
In addition to domain training, we also provide essential “know-how” like soft skills training

Opening a store

Decorating a store


Utilizing loan Resources

Locating cost-effective equipment

Importance of Self Employment

Self-employment guarantees economic growth that is more rapid than wage employment. This is due to a number of reasons. First off, it can assist in making India a nation of employment creators rather than job seekers. Second, it encourages private investment in industries that have seen less government involvement, such as green technology, electronics, artificial intelligence, and healthcare. The government’s welfare programs can be complemented by several social impact start-ups in the fields of skill development and women’s empowerment, which will in turn speed up economic growth. Self-employment businesses are typically labour-demanding and can therefore address the issue of rising unemployment, particularly women’s unemployment.